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Even if Bucharest’s residential heaven remains the North area, there are plenty of other neighborhoods located right outside the city where new residential complexes bloom. Those who want to purchase land near Bucharest either with the intention of building a house for themselves in the future, or just for investment purposes have numerous options. While the first thoughts that come to someone’s mind in this situation might be Baneasa and Pipera, these are certainly not the only options and often times not the most profitable investment. Prices for pieces of land for sale in these areas might be too exclusive, making you wonder what other options you have. So, which are the best places to invest in land near Bucharest? Let’s take a look!

Currently, the price per square meter for a piece of land in the areas Erou Iancu Nicolae or Baneasa stands between €150 and €250. As we go further from Bucharest, along the road making the connection to Ploiesti, prices drop gradually, but they remain prohibitive: €80 in Otopeni area, €200 in Pipera and €100 in Corbeanca, an area known as the Green Paradise. Despite the prices, there are certainly a series of advantages for investing in land in the above mentioned areas: economic activity, popularity with home buyers and renters, ease of transportation, etc.

Of course, if you dig deep into the offers, you are flexible on the requirements and keep an open mind, there are good options for buying a piece of land at a convenient price within a reasonable distance from the city. For instance, you could opt for Mogosoaia, where prices remain reasonable, unless you don’t want a property right next to the lake or the forest. In case you want to be next to the woods, you will have to pay around €100 per square meter in Mogosoaia. However, the same scenic dream can be achieved in other areas such as Stefanesti and Popesti Leordeni, at much more reasonable prices. In Stefanesti, prices per square meter go around €30, while in Popesti Leordeni, the range is from €30 to €150.

You may have noticed some of the fastest growing residential areas around Bucharest are Pantelimon, Bragadiru, Mihailesti and Jilava. This has, of course, something to do with the prices. In Domnesti, you will find a nice piece of land with prices ranging from €25 to €40 per square meter. While prices are certainly more attractive here, you might want to consider also other needs you have such as existence of a transportation network, utilities, and economic activity in the area.

While buying the land represents the first step towards the implementation of an investment project or building your dream house, when making such plans, you should also consider the price of building the house, which can go up to €500 per square meter. To all this, you add authorization taxes, architectural plans, utilities connection, etc.

Another factor to consider is that Bucharest is a city in constant evolution, which means the metropolitan area is gradually expanding, covering areas that were once considered outside the city. For instance, the residential parks Jianu, Bonaparte and Domenii were planned to be outside the city, but they are now fully urban areas. Therefore, it is important to try to grasp the trends of evolution when deciding where to invest in land and which place is better than the other. Reading the map right can mean an exponential growth of your investment.

Urbanist plans are optimistic in this sense. The foreseen development of Bucharest is defined as a metropolitan are that would go as far as Giurgiu in the South and even up to Ploiesti. While this might seem ambitious for now, think about the evolution of the city within the last decade!

The choice is certainly not an easy one and it depends on a multitude of factors, many of which of a personal nature. However, one thing is sure: if you want to invest in land near Bucharest, now is a good time to put your plan into action as prices are on a rising trend, and such an idea might become too expensive soon.

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